Giovanni Lami was born in Ravenna, Italy, May 1st 1978. After technical studies he entered the University of Bologna where he graduated in Food Sciences and Technologies. In 2003/04 he took the photography course at the School of Fine Arts in Ravenna, under Professor Guido Guidi, and in 2004/05 the photography course at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome, from which he graduated with the maximum vote (30/30). He lives and works in Rome.

Selected exhibitions:

I/O: February 2003, Rasponi's crypt, Ravenna (solo)
Il sonno dei nuclei : September 18 - October 3 2004, Oriani exhibition room, Ravenna (solo)
NoBorder 4: January/February 2004, St.Maria Delle Croci, Ravenna (group)
f:8 - 8 young photographers: August 11-28 2005, Matino, Lecce (group)
Magma: September 12-16 2005, Acireale, Catania. (group)

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