"... this way of completely disappearing into what I'm looking at, to no longer feel the need to interpret, but, purely, to look." Wim Wenders.

To surprise the most subtle details and colors of nature that stimulate a pure and contemplative look. To look without interpreting, to accept the hazard of the light without provoking it, we blend in with the subject to capture its full perfection. Moments of unique emotion seeing the light seeming to dance with the nature's forms. Softness and grace of those rock landscapes having as the only accomplice the silence's sound.

Born in 1966 in France, photography became a passion for me as early as 1986, in particular, shots of natural landscapes. I'm interested in the shapes, the volumes, and the substances that make up a landscape. I use a 4x5 inch chamber to photograph nature just as it is - a vision of nature which is free from all human, social or cultural elements, and based essentially on a choice of subject which will express the purity of line, and render the presence of the substance and the light, in an attempt to procure for the spectator an emotion as intense as I experience while I'm taking the photograph.

web site: http://www.f-45.com/