I have been a photographer since I was about twelve years old. Seeing that first image slowly come to life in a tray of developer under the dim glow of a safe light had me hooked immediately. I live in South West Florida and most of my work is from my local area.

I played with digital capture for a while but I get more pleasure from photographing with a large format camera and film. For me there is something about the craft, tradition and process of film that keeps me passionate about working in this medium. I find myself constantly rushing through life, but with large format photography I am forced to slow down, think about and embrace that moment in time when I am creating an image. I shoot all of my images on film with a large format 4x5 wooden view camera made by Ebony company. My camera is the 45SU and it is a true pleasure to work with. I shoot primarily Kodak T-Max 100 black and white film. I feel very fortunate to be at this exciting new time we find ourselves in as photographers. I process my own negatives in traditional methods and then scan the images into my computer and work with them digitally from there. I try, with the use of Photo Shop, to use the same methods I had long used in the darkroom to enhance my images, and love the flexibility and control I have gained. To me this is the perfect marriage of old and new technology. I print the final image on fine art rag paper with an eight color, wide carriage printer.

I am able to produce high quality giclee prints as large as 24x36 inches. This system allows me to control every aspect of the final image.

With my black and white landscape photography my goal is to create images that challenge the viewerıs senses. I enjoy the abstract forms that occur naturally in the world around us. And my goal is to create new ways to present these images as finished photographs. I try to use the widest lenses available because that is my favorite way to isolate small, sometimes overlooked subjects, and place them in the grand view of the world around us.

With the right Time and Light, anything is possible!

web site: http://www.timeandlight.com