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Ebony's all-metal multi-purpose multi-format view camera.

The Finesse may be used with a viewfinder as a hand-held camera, or as a traditional view camera using a focusing screen and a tripod. It accepts all kinds of film holders, from 6x4.5cm to 6x12cm. The unique revolving lens design allows diagonal shifts as well as the usual vertical and horizontal movements. Made to extremely high standards of precision from a special grade of aluminum alloy, the Ebony Finesse is in a class of its own.

360° revolving lens, allowing rise/fall, shift and diagonal movements.

Interchangeable vertical/horizontal camera back

6x4.5cm to 6x12cm formats

Bayonet mount allows quick lens changes (Linhof-type adapter board allows Finesse lenses to be used with other 4x5 view cameras)

Interchangeable format masks for viewfinder when used as a hand-held camera

CAMERA TYPE Multi-format film/digital view camera system
FORMATS 6x12, 6x9, 6x8, 6x7, 6x6, 6x4.5
MATERIAL Aluminum alloy
FOCUSING Focussing mount/fresnel lens (tripod-mounted) or
scale system/viewfinder (hand-held)
CAMERA BACK Interchangeable vertical/horizontal
FOCUSING SCREEN Fresnel lens with 10mm grid, protective glass
USABLE FILM HOLDERS Horseman 6x7, 6x9, (6x12 requires modification) Mamiya RB 6x4.5, 6x7, 6x8, (6x6 film holders require adapter)
MOVEMENTS Rise: 25mm, Shift/Fall: 25mm (lens revolves 360 °)
USABLE LENSES 38 - 65mm,
72XL - 100mm (with one back extender),
120 - 150mm (with two back extenders)
LENS MOUNT Finesse bayonet mount
(linhof-type adapter board also available)
DIMENSIONS 15(h) x 14.5(w) x 5.2(l) cm (with 6x9 camera back)