The ultimate lightweight non-folding 4x5 view camera, with the extreme wide-angle ability of the SW45, but the extra extension and back center tilts, swings and shifts of the 45S. (Other combinations are also available.) A favourite of architectural photographers. Constructed entirely of quarter-sawn Macassar ebony heartwood and solid titanium. Optional back extender 452 and/or extension tubes enable the use of longer lenses.

Ebony and titanium construction: no vibration or sway, even at maximum extension. Complete stability is assured.

60mm+60mm back shift, enabling panoramic photography without lens movement

35mm lens usable with 10mm recessed lensboard, 38mm-47mm lenses usable with flatboard, without restricting movements.

Triple-draw bellows extension, allowing front and back focus

Light, versatile, easy to use

Accepts Linhof-type 4x5 lensboards

Accepts both 4x5 International Standard and 6x9 Graphic Standard roll film holders (Horseman, Mamiya RB67 etc.): format reducing adapter required for 6x9 roll film or instant film holders.


FORMAT International Standard 4x5 inch. Accepts all International Standard sheet film holders: Polaroid 405, 545, 550, Fuji Instant MS45, PA45, and all Graphic Standard roll film holders.
WOOD Macassar Ebony
METAL Titanium
FOCUSING Triple-draw rack & pinion (front and back focusing)
LENSBOARD 4x5 Linhof-type
CAMERA BACK Interchangeable vertical/horizontal International Standard
FOCUSING SCREEN Fresnel lens with 10mm grid, protective glass

(levers lock swings and shifts, knobs lock all other movements)

FRONT Rise 60mm, Fall 25mm, Shift 38mm+38mm, Swing 45°+45°,
Center tilt 20°+20°
BACK Rise 50mm, Shift 60mm+60mm, Swing 20°+20°, Center tilt 15°+15° (portrait mode), 8°+8° (landscape mode)
ZERO ("NULL") POSITION RESET Front swings, front/back center tilts: zero detents
Back rise: lowest position
Front rise/fall: zero position alignment points
Shifts: zero position on scale
USABLE LENSES 35mm - 400mm (telephoto, infinity only)
*35mm lens requires recessed lensboard
SPIRIT LEVEL Two one-way levels: one on front standard, one on back standard
TRIPOD SOCKET 3/8" with 1/4" reducing bush
WEIGHT 2.0kg
DIMENSIONS 20.0 (h) x 20.5* (w) x 12.0 (l) cm *including knobs