The 5x7 version of the SV45U. Constructed entirely of quarter-sawn Honduran mahogany heartwood (SV57U), or quarter-sawn Macassar ebony heartwood (SV57UE), each aged for at least 20 years . As with all Ebony cameras, the metal parts are made of solid titanium. The uniquely thin and supple yet durable calfskin bellows are hand-made to Ebony's specifications. The hand-strap is made of genuine cordovan leather.

Mahogany (SV57U) or ebony (SV57UE) and titanium construction: no vibration or sway, even at maximum extension. Complete stability is assured.

Asymmetrical tilts and swings replace center tilts and swings on back standard allowing perfect focus to be maintained during adjustments.

The movements, precision and rigidity of a view camera with the portability of a field camera

Base and asymmetrical tilts at back, base and center tilts at front

Huge, triple-draw bellows extension, enabling use of 47XL to 800mm lenses, and allowing both front and back focus. (Interchangeable wide-angle bellows available as optional accessory)

72XL lens may be used with flat board. With 5x7->4x5 reducing back 58XL and 65mm lens may be used with flat board, 47XL with recessed board.

Accepts Sinar-type lensboards, Linhof adapter board included

Foldable, with 30° drop-bed

Accepts both 4x5 International Standard and 6x9 Graphic Standard roll film holders (Horseman, Mamiya RB67 etc.) with 5x7->4x5 reducing back: format reducing adapter required for 6x9 roll film or instant film holders.


FORMAT International Standard 5x7 inch
WOOD Honduran mahogany (SV57U) or Macassar ebony (SV57UE)
METAL Titanium
FOCUSING Triple-draw rack & pinion (front and back focusing)
LENSBOARD Sinar-type (Linhof adapter board included)
CAMERA BACK Interchangeable vertical/horizontal International Standard
FOCUSING SCREEN Ground glass with 10mm grid

(levers lock swings and shifts, knobs lock all other movements)

FRONT Rise 60mm, Fall 30mm, Shift 50mm+50mm, Swing 20°+20°,
Base tilt front 30°, Back 90°, Center tilt 20°+20°
BACK Rise 60mm, Asymmetrical swing 20°+20°, Base tilt front 90°, Back 30°, Asymmetrical tilt 15°+15°
BED Drop-bed 30°
ZERO ("NULL") POSITION RESET Front swings, front/back center tilts: zero detents
Back rise: lowest position
Front rise/fall: zero position alignment points
Shifts: zero position on scale
Base tilts: zero position notches
MIN/MAX BELLOWS EXTENSION 105mm (60mm with tilts and rise) - 605mm (715mm with tilts and rise)
USABLE LENSES 72XL (flat board) - 800mm (telephoto)
With 4x5 reducing back: 58XL and 65mm with flat board,
47XL with recessed board
BACK Two-way with mirror
TRIPOD SOCKETS Two, each 3/8" with one 1/4" reducing bush
WEIGHT 3.0kg (SV57U) or 4.0kg (SV57UE)
DIMENSIONS 23.5 (h) x 26.0* (w) x 10.5 (l) cm *including knobs