The Ebony 57SUE is a non-folding 5x7 inch view camera with asymmetrical rear tilts and swings. It is hand-made from 20-year-old quarter-sawn Macassar ebony heartwood and solid titanium, and features calfskin bellows and a leather hand-strap. A unique quadruple-draw rack and pinion focusing system allows the use of up to 500mm telephoto lenses.

Ebony and titanium construction: no vibration or sway, even at maximum extension. Complete stability is assured.

Asymmetrical tilts and swings allow perfect focus to be maintained during adjustments

The movements, precision and rigidity of a view camera with the portability of a field camera

Unique quadruple-draw bellows extension, enabling use of 47XL-500mm lenses, and allowing both front and back focus.

72XL lens may be used with flat board. With 5x7->4x5 reducing back 58XL and 65mm lens may be used with flat board, 47XL with recessed board.

Accepts Sinar-type lensboards, Linhof adapter board included

Accepts both 4x5 International Standard and 6x9 Graphic Standard roll film holders (Horseman, Mamiya RB67 etc.) with 5x7->4x5 reducing back: format reducing adapter required for 6x9 roll film or instant film holders.


FORMAT International Standard 5x7 inch
WOOD Macassar ebony
METAL Titanium
FOCUSING Quadruple-draw rack & pinion (front and back focusing)
LENSBOARD Sinar-type (Linhof adapter board included)
CAMERA BACK Interchangeable vertical/horizontal International Standard
FOCUSING SCREEN Ground glass with 10mm grid

(levers lock swings and shifts, knobs lock all other movements)

FRONT Rise 60mm, Fall 45mm, Shift 50mm+50mm, Swing 30°+30°,
Center tilt 20°+20°
BACK Rise 50mm, Asymmetrical Swing 20°+20°, Asymmetrical tilt 20°+20°
ZERO ("NULL") POSITION RESET Front swings, front/back tilts: zero detents
Back rise: lowest position
Front rise/fall: zero position alignment points
Shifts: zero position on scale
USABLE LENSES 72XL (flat board) - 500mm (telephoto)
With 4x5 reducing back: 58XL and 65mm with flat board,
47XL with recessed board
BACK Two-way with mirror
TRIPOD SOCKETS Two, each 3/8" with one 1/4" reducing bush
WEIGHT 3.5kg
DIMENSIONS 30.0 (h) x 27.5* (w) x 13.0 (l) cm *including knobs