A lightweight multipurpose view camera of the non-folding type with extensive movements and a wide range of usable lenses. The 23S is hand-made from 20-year-old quarter-sawn Macassar ebony heartwood and solid titanium, and features extremely supple calfskin bellows and a genuine cordovan leather hand-strap. The unique bellows design allows full movements with wide lenses without causing any bellows shadow.

Ebony and titanium construction: no vibration or sway, even at maximum extension. Complete stability is assured.

View camera performance, field camera portability

40mm+40mm back shift, enabling panoramic photography without lens movement

45/47mm lens may be used with recessed lensboard

Triple-draw bellows extension, allowing front and back focus

6x9 Polaroid/Fuji film may be used with Instant Film holder GP (available as optional accessory)

Accepts Linhof-type 4x5 lensboards

Optional Ebony back extender 692 and/or extension tubes enable the use of longer lenses.

Accepts 6x9 Graphic Standard roll film holders (Horseman, Mamiya RB67 etc.) Roll film holders may be removed without dismounting focusing screen.


FORMAT Graphic Standard 6x9cm (2x3 inch). Accepts all Graphic Standard roll film holders.
WOOD Macassar ebony
METAL Titanium
FOCUSING Triple-draw rack & pinion (front and back focusing)
LENSBOARD 4x5 Linhof-type
CAMERA BACK Interchangeable vertical/horizontal Graphic Standard
FOCUSING SCREEN Fresnel lens with 10mm grid, protective glass

(levers lock swings and shifts, knobs lock all other movements)

FRONT Rise 50mm, Fall 25mm, Shift 38mm+38mm, Swing 45°+45°,
Center tilt 20°+20°
BACK Rise 40mm, Shift 40mm+40mm, Swing 20°+20°, Center tilt 20°+20°
ZERO ("NULL") POSITION RESET Front swings, front/back center tilts: zero detents
Back rise: lowest position
Front rise/fall: zero position alignment points
Shifts: zero position on scale
USABLE LENSES 45mm* - 400mm (telephoto)
* 45mm, 47mm lenses require recessed lensboard
BACK Two-way with mirror
TRIPOD SOCKET 3/8" with 1/4" reducing bush
WEIGHT 1.8kg
DIMENSIONS 18.0 (h) x 17.5* (w) x 12.0 (l) cm *including knobs